During Our Walks, ©2011

This book is a series of monologues by the village explainer to a recent arrival.

The Sonnets, ©2007

A collection of contemporary sonnets... "They are just leaves. Life teaches, art reminds."

Greatest Hits 1976-2000, ©2002

This diminutive little pamphlet speaks to the author's modesty. The poems, as always, speak for themselves.

Life Forms, ©1995

We find life everywhere in various forms. Even in poetry. Especially in poetry.

Out of print, contact author for new copies, or try Amazon for used.

The Inheritance, ©1988

A poem for the stage. The Inheritance was first produced by The Julian Company in their theatre in San Francisco; the production was directed by Ed Weingold.

The Hogarth-Selkirk Letters, ©1985

with Daniel J. Langton as Felix Hogarth and Robert Stock as William Selkirk. An engrossing correspondence of two men reaching toward their individual conceptions of God, one through a twisted and twisting spiritual growth, and one through the disintegration of pretense.

Querencia, ©1976

Querencia is the 1975 recipient of The Devins Award for Poetry. In these poems Langton makes the ordinary, which is never that, the extraordinary, which it always is.

Out of print. See Amazon for possible used copies

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