Daniel J. Langton was launched into a life of writing poetry by William Carlos Williams. As he tells the story, "When I was just starting out, I went to a reading by William Carlos Williams. Afterward I showed him a poem of mine, and he told me, I don't care what you're doing, quit your job, and write nothing but poetry. And that's what happened."


Just published:

" . . . superbly written, beautifully controlled, and yet continually freshened by a kind and fresh imagination."
– Robert Bly

"The poems I have known before are as fresh as ever. The new ones shimmer."
Pamela Skewes-Cox

Featured poem:


I noticed the leaves today, I have been sick
and losing touch, but there they surely were,
falling from crowded trees, playing at sur-
vival, trying to make my brain as thick
as their gatherings, their wrinkled ends, their May,
lying like truthful books the winners burn,
told in a language I will never learn.
My brother has been dead a year today.

I think of all the poems that use the Fall
to euphemize a death, but Jimmy died
this blazing time of year, and all the kinds
of metaphor won't reach the boy I call
and mourn and hunger for, the boy who tried
too well. They are just leaves. Life teaches, art reminds.

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